Content editing, copyediting, proofreading and editorial production management


As a copy editor, Michele is every editor's dream: fast, sharp-eyed and meticulous, yet flexible enough to change house styles to keep up with the rapidly changing tech industry. (Not on a whim, mind you -- only after careful research and thought.)

She's an impressive manager as well. While I've never reported to her, I have observed her gently but firmly standing up for her people, ensuring that they get the respect and consideration they deserve. It's no coincidence that her reports adore her.

Meanwhile, Michele quietly handles 7,000 behind-the-scenes tasks that I'm only vaguely aware of because they're done flawlessly. Hire her; you'll be glad you did.

– Val Potter, features editor, Computerworld

Michele improved countless articles published in our award-winning magazine and website. She not only found all of the imperfections in our stories, but she suggested great revisions. Michele was the expert on our content management system (K4 / Adobe InCopy & InDesign). And she was cool under deadline pressure. I enjoyed working with such a stellar professional.

Mitch Betts, executive editor, Computerworld

I supervised Michele when I was in charge of the copy desk, and when I left that position, I was confident that the desk would be in good hands under Michele's leadership. I was correct. I continued to work with Michele closely, as she and her group copy edited all of the material I edited for Computerworld magazine. She is a diligent worker who has that all-important eye for detail. She could always be relied on not only to flag problems in text, but also to offer suggestions for fixing them that were dependably superior to what was being replaced. I cannot recommend her and her talents highly enough.

– Jamie Eckle, opinions editor and former copy chief, Computerworld

Michele is the consummate professional. As a writer and editor, I've been privileged to work with her for more than 10 years. She's the type of person who manages with a seemingly effortless ease, She's one of those people who is always positive, and who spreads that same attitude to those with whom she works. Michele always improves the quality of the material she or her team touches. She is meticulous about editing a news story or feature article to ensure its grammatical and factual accuracy. Through the years, I've been witness to her remarkable work ethic. She does not stop until a task is complete and done correctly. Michele would quickly become a key asset to any organization she joined.

Lucas Mearian, data storage editor, Computerworld